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My millennium

My millennium
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15 Jan 1996
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My Millennium asks leading men and women to outline their vision of the world beyond 2000: Richard Littlejohn talks to Geoffrey Howe, Lord Howe. Covers devolution for Scotland and Wales; Northern Ireland; the EEC and prospects for a single currency; patriotism; a Labour government; looks back at his career, achievements, resignation and any regrets; the Falkland Islands; Hong Kong being handed over to China; foreign policy in Southern Africa; Commonwealth and the monarchy; House of Lords and whether he will still sit; low respect for politicians; end of manufacturing industries and reducing unemployment; political reform; need for representative body for London; personal ambitions; Margaret Thatcher; who might be Prime Minister in 2000. Producer Simon Hobbs, series devised by Jackie(?) Wilson.
Geoffrey Howe; Simon Hobbs; Richard Littlejohn; Jackie(?) Wilson
Politics; London; Trade unions; Labour Party; Margaret Thatcher; Northern Ireland; Future society; EEC; UK; Conservative Party; GLC; China; Unemployment; Political parties; Privatization; Devolution; House of Lords; Political reform; Geoffrey Howe; Commonwealth of Nations; Hong Kong; Monarchy; Nationality; Future developments; Falklands War (1982); Politicians; Manufacturing industry; Currencies; Africa; Tony Blair; Forecasting; Nelson Mandela; Patriotism

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