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Hayes on Sunday

Hayes on Sunday
Interview; Talk show
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14 Jan 1979
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Peter Allen sitting in for Brian Hayes revisits the week’s shows and interviews with guests: Jim Prior, Conservative MP on strikes and a possible deal between unions and the government to stop unions having the right to strike in exchange for income protection. Robin Knox Johnson on the peace he finds whilst on his boats, his belief in God and his various sailing trips. Dr John Bradshaw on the ways in which modern life is bad for our health. Brian Sedgemore, Labour MP, on his savagely critical book on British politics and on cabinet sub-committees and the decisions made by them.
Brian Hayes; James Prior; Peter Allen; John Bradshaw; Brian Sedgemore; Robin Knox Johnson
Books; Politics; Trade unions; Health; Strikes; Labour disputes; Religious belief; Sailing; Yachts; Committees; Travel abroad; Income; Robin Knox Johnson

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