Conservative conference - Thatcher keynote speech

Conservative conference - Thatcher keynote speech
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Oct 1983
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Live coverage of Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher’s keynote speech at the end of the Conservative Party conference in Blackpool and following the resignation of Party Chairman Cecil Parkinson over his affair with Sara Keays. On Cecil Parkinson; the party’s record; policies on the economy, National Health Service, unemployment and defence, including nuclear weapons and arms control negotiations with the Soviet Union. With introduction and commentary by political correspondent Peter Murphy. Programme also includes advertisements; news bulletin; weekly look at the local newspapers with readings of news stories. Female presenter and readers not identified.
Margaret Thatcher; Peter Murphy
Politics; Health services; Conservative Party; Political conferences; USSR; Unemployment; NHS; Political parties; Conferences; Economic policy; Health policy; Nuclear weapons; Arms control; Nuclear disarmament; Defence policy; Cecil Parkinson; National economy; Blackpool; Cabinet ministers; Resignation (political); Extra-marital sex; Political scandals; East West relations; Sara Keays

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