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Irangate- Poindexter takes 5th and Bush speaks

Irangate- Poindexter takes 5th and Bush speaks
News report; Interview; Press conference
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4 Dec 1986
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National Security Adviser Admiral John Poindexter has refused to answer questions in the hearing into the arms sales to Iran/finance for Nicuraguan rebels scandal (Irangate or Iran-Contra affair). His attorney explains him taking the 5th Amendment; comments from Senators David Durenberger and Patrick Leahy. Also reports on first statement on the scandal by Vice-President George Bush (excerpts heard). Also Senator Ernest Hollings calls for the guilty to own up.
Patrick Leahy; John Poindexter; David Durenberger; Ernest Hollings; George H. W. Bush
USA; Iran; Nicaragua; Politics; Arms sales; Presidents; Guerilla warfare; Ronald Reagan; Guerilla activities; Financial aid; Political scandals; John Poindexter; Oliver North; Admirals

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