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Hayes at the weekend

Hayes at the weekend
Interview; Talk show
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Nov 1977
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Hayes at the Weekend looks back at the week’s topical shows. Includes interviews with Jack Dunn, General Secretary of Kent NUM on miners rejecting a pay incentive scheme, productivity, hazardous work and possibility of industrial action; Jim Prior, shadow Employment Minister on closed shop unions; Vernon Coleman, who has written a book, The Medicine Men, on over-prescribing and pharmaceutical industry practices; and in context of 60th anniversary of Russian Revolution Colin Williams, former Morning Star correspondent in Moscow on life in Moscow and Igor Titov, a Soviet journalist, gives his view on life in London. Break in recording, plays out to instrumental music.Transmission date unclear- given as 5/6 Nov 77.
Brian Hayes; James Prior; Jack Dunn; Vernon Coleman; Colin Williams; Igor Titov
Revolutions; Trade unions; Wages; Education; Anniversary celebrations; UK; Coal mining; USSR; Drugs; Coal miners; Prescription drugs; Safety; Open and closed shop; Labour productivity; Profits; Coal mine accidents; Moscow; Russian Revolution (1917); Anniversaries; Pharmaceutical industry

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