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Middle East peace talks in Kent

Middle East peace talks in Kent
News report; Press conference; Speech; News bulletin
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21 Jul 1978
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News bulletin containing excerpts from a press conference featuring Israeli Foreign Minister, Moshe Dayan, at the end of international Middle East peace talks in the UK at Leeds Castle in Kent. Also includes Peter Allen-Frost reporting on criticism of Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin; reports on the trial of Colin Semple in East Germany; marriage of Charles Osbourne(?) and Pearl Robinneck(?) in Mason, Ohio; Steve Sailah on phone charges. Male newsreader not identified.
Steve Sailah; Moshe Dayan; Peter Allen-Frost
Egypt; Israel; Middle East; Jewish-Arab relations; UK; Great Britain; Ethnic conflicts; Kent; Weddings; Telephone services; Diplomacy; Lebanon; Beirut; Trials; Peacebuilding; Warfare; Palestine; Costs; Syria; Menachem Begin; Arab states; Religious conflicts; German DR; Leeds Castle; Paelstinian Arabs; Colin Semple; Charles Osbourne(?); Pearl Robbineck(?)

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