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Nobel Peace Prize - Dave Loyn surveys the field

Nobel Peace Prize - Dave Loyn surveys the field
News report; Interview; Speech
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Dave Loyn reports on the fifty-six nominees for the Nobel Peace Prize. Amnesty International and Northern Ireland Peace People are among the previous winners; a recording of Mairead Corrigan is included in the report, as is an excerpt from a speech by US President Jimmy Carter.The Norwegian daily newspaper Dagbladet is reported to have said the committee are going for a safer choice this year, possibly the late South African civil rights leader Steve Biko. The report closes with an interview with Richard Reoch of Amnesty International. Male interviewer not identified.
Jimmy Carter; Dave Loyn; Mairead Corrigan
Amnesty International; Awards; Jimmy Carter; Nobel prizes; Peacemaking; Anwar Sadat; Menachem Begin; Betty Williams; Peace movements; Steve Biko; Pressure groups; Nobel Peace Prize; Theodore Roosevelt; Woodrow Wilson; Peace building; Northern Ireland Peace People; Alfred Nobel; Dagbladet; Richard Reoch

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