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Documentary casts light on hospital conditions

Documentary casts light on hospital conditions
News report; Interview
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Report on a television documentary about psychiatric hospitals. The Silent Minority features St Lawrence’s Hospital in Caterham and Borocourt Hospital near Reading. Includes interview with COHSE nurses’ union regional secretary Nigel Beckett who agrees with Health Minister Sir George Young who says patients are living in a sad twilight world. Also includes interview with the film maker Nigel Evans. Social Services Secretary, Patrick Jenkin has asked health authorities in charge of the two hospitals to investigate allegations made in the film. Male reporter not identified.
Nigel Evans; Nigel Beckett
Trade unions; Nurses; Hospitals; St Lawrence’s Hospital; Psychiatric hospitals; COHSE; Berkshire; Patients; Geoffrey Howe; Television programmes; Television documentaries; Surrey; Psychiatric hospital patients; Mental health services; Patrick Jenkin; Documentary films; Psychiatric nursing; George Young; Caterham; Borocourt Hospital; Reading (place)

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