Edward Pochin on conditions at Aldermaston Nuclear Plant

Edward Pochin on conditions at Aldermaston Nuclear Plant
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22 Nov 1978
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Inquiry author and radiation expert Edward Pochin on conditions at the Aldermaston Nuclear plant after it was found that three women had high levels of plutonium in their bodies. Pochin says improvements have been made since his report was published. Defence Secretary Fred Mulley says that in many areas Aldermaston has a good safety record. Union spokesman Peter Adams wants the plant taken away from the Ministry of Defence and returned to the Atomic Energy Authority. Vivian White reports.
Vivian White; Fred Mulley; Edward Pochin
Government; Health; Nuclear energy; Berkshire; Nuclear power stations; Employees; Safety; Nuclear engineering; Ministry of Defence; Plutonium; Radioactive pollution; Nuclear industry; Atomic Energy Authority; Aldermaston Weapons Establishment

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