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Gerry Adams visit to London - Reaction

Gerry Adams visit to London - Reaction
News report; Interview
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26 Jul 1983
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Report on a visit of Sinn Fein West Belfast MP, Gerry Adams to London to meet Labour politicians, despite refusing to take his seat in the House of Commons. Includes interview with James Molyneaux, Ulster Unionist Party (UUP) (interviewer not identified – poss. Peter Murphy); Gerry Adams (interviewed by Eamonn Mallie); Alan Greengross, Conservative leader on the Greater London Council (GLC) (female interviewer not identified – poss. Jo Andrews). Female reporter not identified (poss. Elena Curti).
Gerry Adams; Alan Greengross; James Molyneaux; Peter Murphy?; Elena Curti?; Eamonn Mallie; Jo Andrews?
Politics; London; Northern Ireland; GLC; House of Commons; Members of Parliament; Sinn Fein; Politicians; Gerry Adams

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