Hayes on Sunday

Hayes on Sunday
Interview; Talk show
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17 Jul 1977
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Hayes on Sunday: Brian Hayes looks back at the week’s topical shows with Barbara Smoker, President of the National Secular Society explaining blasphemy following successful prosecution of Gay News for blasphemous libel; Charles Berlitz on the Bermuda Triangle where ships and planes have gone missing and possible explanations; Colin Tudge on famine, changes in diet in modern society and population increases, developing countries, he has written a book The Famine Business; Squatters Action Council spokesman Piers Corbyn on squatting and the effects of new laws. In two segments, ends with 3 minutes of instrumental music. Audio level low.
Brian Hayes; Barbara Smoker; Charles Berlitz; Colin Tudge; Piers Corbyn
Books; Authors; Law; Meat; Gay News; Legal decisions; Trials; International trade; Diet; Famines; Bermuda Triangle; Homeless persons; The Famine Business; Devoloping countries; Population increase; Food production

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