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Hayes on Sunday

Hayes on Sunday
Interview; Discussion; Music
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3 Jul 1977
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Hayes on Sunday recaps the week’s shows and interviews with: Environment Secretary Peter Shore on housing policy with devolution of power to local authorities. Kenneth Baker and Cyril Townsend London MPs discuss their plans for London recently published in a booklet and what the GLC should be doing. Glen Wilson, lecturer at the Institue of Psychiatry on IQ tests and his booklet Know Your Child’s IQ. Betty Friedland on progress of the women’s movement and equal opportunity. Greg Philo, lecturer at the University of Glasgow and author of Trade Unions and the Media on unfair coverage by the media of trade unions and industrial disputes . Ends with music.
Brian Hayes; Peter Shore; Kenneth Baker; Cyril Townsend; Betty Friedland; Glen Wilson; Greg Philo
Transport; London; Trade unions; Local authorities; Strikes; Housing; GLC; Rights of special groups; Women; Equal opportunity; Mass media; Intelligence; Womens liberation movement; Housing policy; Ability; Intelligence tests

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