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Royal Wales divorce and royals’ year

Royal Wales divorce and royals’ year
News report; Interview; Press conference; Speech
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24 Dec 1995
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William Roncon reports on reaction and background to the announcement the Prince and Princess of Wales (Prince Charles and Princess Diana) have been ordered to divorce by the Queen in a letter sent to the households of the Prince, at St James’s Palace, and the Princess at Kensington Palace. The impending split has led to division in the Church of England about the Prince’s constitutional position regarding remarriage. Also looks at other events in the Royals’ year with the theft of the Duchess of York, Sarah Ferguson’s jewels and a hoax phone call to the Queen from a Canadian joker. Speakers include: James Whitaker, royal reporter; Nigel Dempster, royal reporter; Will Carling, England rugby captain; Princess Diana; Martin Bashir; Prince Charles; Sarah Ferguson; Princess Eugenie; Princess Beatrice; Queen Elizabeth II; Pierre Brassard, comedian.
Nigel Dempster; Queen Elizabeth II; Prince Charles; Prince of Wales; Sarah Ferguson; Princess of Wales; Princess Diana; William Roncon; Will Carling; Martin Bashir; James Whitaker; Pierre Brassard; Princess Eugenie; Princess Beatrice
Religion; Family disorganization; Queen Elizabeth II; Church of England; Monarchy; Christianity; Royal family; Royalty; Prince Charles; Constitutions; Robbery; Theft; Camilla Parker Bowles; Princess Diana; Duchess of York; Sarah Ferguson; Princess of Wales; Prince of Wales; Marriage dissolution; Property theft

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