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Hugh Masekela on life and times and South Africa

Hugh Masekela on life and times and South Africa
Interview; Music
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21 Oct 1989
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Lesley Judd is joined on LBC Crown FM by Hugh Masekela, the South African trumpeter, his music is a heady mix of American jazz and South African rhythms and tonal patterns-township music as he calls it. He talks about his musical influences and early life; being a black musician in South Africa and moving to the UK; South African situation including release of political prisoners and the state of emergency and a story discrediting Winnie Mandela. He is now playing in England at Ronnie Scotts. Includes playing of his song Now or Never from album Uptownship. Breaks in recording.
LBC Crown FM; Lesley Judd; Hugh Masekela
Politics; Political prisoners; Musicians; Music; Interethnic relations; South Africa; UK; Apartheid; Propaganda; Freedom of the press; Black African peoples; Jazz; Political activists; Winnie Mandela; Hugh Masekela; Uptownship; Now or Never

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