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BBC Newsnight
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4 Oct 1984
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BBC Newsnight programme containing exclusive interview with civil servant Clive Ponting, accused of leaking documents on the sinking of the Argentine warship Belgrano in the Falklands War, prior to his trial. Also includes profile of Ponting; reports from the Labour Party conference in Blackpool; week’s news including the court case of NUM leader Arthur Scargill for contempt of court; excerpt from the Open University. Reporters include James Hogg, Vincent Hanna and John Tusa. Speaking are Arthur Scargill; Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock; actors Richard Pascoe and Nicholas Selby; ex-BBC producer John Miller; Labour deputy leader Roy Hattersley; Clive Ponting; Enoch Powell; union leader John Ward; Rector Stephen Lowe.
Arthur Scargill; Roy Hattersley; Enoch Powell; Neil Kinnock; James Hogg; John Ward; Clive Ponting; BBC; John Miller; Vincent Hanna; Richard Pascoe; Nicholas Selby; Stephen Lowe; John Tusa
Politics; Trade unions; Labour Party; Terrorism; Great Britain; Political conferences; Unemployment; Civil servants; Employment; Political parties; Conferences; NUM; Television programmes; Trials; Falklands War (1982); Argentina; Warships; Clive Ponting; Blackpool; Official Secrets Act; MOD; Television current affairs programmes; Open University; Political scandals; Belgrano

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