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Talks on UDR leaks

Talks on UDR leaks
News report; Interview; Press conference
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16 Sep 1989
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Elena Curti reports from Dublin on doubts over the future role of the Ulster Defence Regiment (UDR) following a string of leaks to loyalist extremists. A 7 hour meeting of the Anglo-Irish conference discussed the issues. Northern Ireland Secretary, Peter Brooke says the vetting of recruits and the regiment’s duties are under review but Irish Foreign Minister Gerry Collins hints, speaking to press, the future of the Anglo-Irish agreement will be in jeopardy if Britain fails to take tough action. Broadcast on LBC AM programme.
Elena Curti; Peter Brooke; Gerry Collins
Data protection; Northern Ireland; Terrorism; Ireland; UK; Great Britain; International relations; Military affairs; Dublin; UDR

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