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Smallpox outbreak in Birmingham

Smallpox outbreak in Birmingham
News report; Interview
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31 Aug 1978
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Report on an outbreak of smallpox at a medical laboratory in Birmingham where anatomical photographer Janet Parker has caught the disease. The WHO’s Dr Ian Carter is flying in to investigate and some countries are now asking for UK citizens to carry smallpox vaccination certificates. With comment from Health Minister David Ennals; WHO spokesman; Professor Alan Woodruff of the London School of Tropical Medicine. Report by Mike Gardiner(?). (Janet Parker later died from the disease).
David Ennals; Mike Gardiner(?); Alan Woodruff
Infectious diseases; Smallpox; Birmingham; Disease control; Security measures; St Mary’s Hospital; Vaccination; Janet Parker; Department of Health; St Bartholomew’s Hospital; World Health Organisation; WHO; Epidemiology; Virus diseases; Research laboratories; Dangerous Pathogens Advisory Group; Reginald Shooter; Ian Carter; Henry Yellowless; London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine

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