Thatcher after 18 months in power on economy

Thatcher after 18 months in power on economy
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30 Nov 1980
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Peter Allen interviews UK Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, after her first eighteen months in power, about the Government’s economic policy and state of the economy including struggling industry and high unemployment, and on her relationship with Labour Party leader Michael Foot and with former Prime Minister Edward Heath. She depicts herself as a tough nurse encouraging economic recovery. The interview was recorded on 28/11/80 and broadcast on 30/11/80. Complete interview.
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Margaret Thatcher; Peter Allen
Budgets; Politics; Industry; Government; Labour Party; Wages; Prices; Inflation; Margaret Thatcher; Cost reduction; Conservative Party; Unemployment; Car industry; Political parties; Edward Heath; Currency devaluation; Economic policy; Prime ministers; Oil; Interest rates; Economic recession; National budgets; Public expenditure; Party politics; Economic recovery; Unemployed; Michael Foot; Economic forecasting; National economy; Relationships; Political leaders; Training; Private sector; Counter-inflation policy; Economic conditions; Competitiveness (business)

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