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Christopher Hourmouzious review of 1976

Christopher Hourmouzious review of 1976
Interview; Press conference; Speech; Discussion; Parliamentary debate
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Review of the Year 1976, Christopher Hourmouzious discusses events with following correspondents. Ed Boyle on British Parliament (includes excerpt of opening ceremony) and politics under prime ministers Harold Wilson (resigned) and James Callaghan; the standing down of Liberal leader Jeremy Thorpe in favour of David Steel; the resignation of George Brown and Reg Prentice; Denis Healey’s mini budget; renewal of the social contract; Conservative hopes under Margaret Thatcher; Labour’s relations with the trade unions; prospects for devolution; Northern Ireland, and the drought. Douglas Moffitt on the economic situation including the fluctuating pound, IMF borrowing and public sector spending cuts. John Perkins on comprehensive education, Tameside and the Tyndale case. Tony Tucker on world affairs including the death of China’s Chairman Mao (Peter Griffiths reports from Peking); earthquake and tidal wave in Philippines, and other natural disasters; Henry Kissinger’s talks with Ian Smith in Rhodesia; the Entebbe hijacking and murder of Dora Bloch in Uganda (Steve Harvey interview); Angola and the execution of Colonel Callan (Costas Georgiou), riots in South Africa; and the landing on Mars. Peter Sharp on the US presidential elections with the defeat of Gerald Ford by Jimmy Carter, including coverage of the Carter campaign and home town of Plains, Georgia.
Jimmy Carter; Denis Howell; James Callaghan; Margaret Thatcher; John Perkins; Ian Smith; Peter Sharp; Reg Prentice; Harold Macmillan; Jeremy Thorpe; Denis Healey; Michael Foot; Harold Wilson; George Brown; Steve Harvey; Albert Booth; Henry Kissinger; Roy Mason; Gerald Ford; Ed Boyle; Yitzhak Rabin; Douglas Moffitt; Tony Tucker; Christopher Hourmouzious; Peter Griffiths(?)
USA; Earthquakes; Deaths; Elections; Politics; Trade unions; Weather; Government; Labour Party; Wage policy; Northern Ireland; Cost reduction; Economics; Labour relations; Parliament; Education; Terrorism; South Africa; UK; Angola; Conservative Party; Liberal Party; China; Unemployment; International relations; Uganda; Teachers; Political leadership; Devolution; Riots; Rhodesia; Jimmy Carter; Schools; Space exploration; Presidents; National budgets; Independence; Currencies; Natural disasters; Executions; Dismissal from employment; Costas Georgiou; Tribunals; Gerald Ford; Entebbe; Dora Bloch; Mars (planet); Mao Tse Tung; Hua Kuo-Feng; Tsunami

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