Uganda a year after Amin overthrown

Uganda a year after Amin overthrown
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May 1980
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Carmel Travers presents a special report for the Sunday Magazine on the economic and social situation in Uganda on the first anniversary of the overthrow of President Idi Amin and the occupation of the country by Tanzanian troops. Speaking are: Paul Ssemogerere, National Consultative Council; Simon Juba(?), Ugandan Law Society; Ugandan resident (not identified; interviewer poss. Mark Mardell); President Godfrey Binaisa; Finance Minister Jack Ssentongo; Peter Reitz, CARE agency; Melissa Wells, UN development programme; Matts Lundgren, UNHCR; Father Paul, cleric in charge of food distribution in Moroto famine area. Recording is (partially) double tracked with speeches from the UNESCO General Conference in Kenya (1976?) including a male Israeli speaker (poss. Shlomo Avineri) talking about Zionism and the suppression of the Jews in the Soviet Union. Unedited, includes cue-in.
Mark Mardell; Godfrey Binaisa; Carmel Travers; Paul Ssemogerere; Simon Juba(?); Jack Ssentongo; Peter Reitz; Melissa Wells; Matts Lundgren; Father Paul; Shlomo Avineri?
Revolutions; Israel; Politics; Economics; USSR; Uganda; Idi Amin; Tanzania; UN; Social conditions; Conferences; Kenya; Jews; Refugees; Heads of state; Presidents; Antisemitism; Development aid; Foreign aid; Famines; Dictatorship; Zionism; Anniversaries; Food aid; UNESCO; Godfrey Binaisa; CARE agency

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