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Margaret Thatcher on Good Morning Britain

Margaret Thatcher on Good Morning Britain
Interview; Advertisement; Trailer
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9 Jun 1985
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Episode of TV-am’s programme, Good Morning Britain, hosted by David Frost. Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher talks about various issues including unemployment, the sinking of the General Belgrano during the Falklands War, and the Brighton bombing. Clip includes commercial breaks. Original catalogue record notes TV-am to be credited where material is re-used.
Margaret Thatcher; David Frost; TV-am
Elections; Politics; Technology; Trade unions; Government; Labour Party; Armed forces; Taxation; Margaret Thatcher; Conspiracy; Education; Terrorism; Conservative Party; Unemployment; Political leadership; Women; Defence; Fashion; Small business; Equal opportunity; Mass media; Television programmes; Prime ministers; SDP-Liberal Alliance; Falklands War (1982); Politicians; Warships; Family; Public opinion polls; Cecil Parkinson; George Brown; Ships; Mortgages (loans); Retirement; Bombs; Explosions; Cabinet (politics); Brighton; Family relationships; Clothing; School leaving; Illness; Training; General Belgrano; Denis Thatcher; HMS Invincible; Good Morning Britain; Woodrow Wyatt; Diana Gould; HMS Hermes

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