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Oliver North’s evidence, Iran-Contra affair: Day 3

Oliver North’s evidence, Iran-Contra affair: Day 3
News report; Interview
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10 Jul 1987
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Report on the third day of Oliver North’s evidence to the Congressional hearings on the Iran-Contra affair (Irangate). Covers the shredding of documents, how North was astonished at the attitude of the officials who confronted him while he was shredding, his presumption the President approved of the arms deal with Iran and Nicaragua, how he was following orders, and how he was advised that a scapegoat would need to be found. Republican Senator William Cohen gives his views on North’s part in the affair. Male reporter not identified.
Oliver North; William Cohen
USA; Iran; Nicaragua; Arms sales; Political corruption; Presidents; Ronald Reagan; Access to information; Guerilla activities; Financial aid; Political scandals; John Poindexter; Oliver North; William Casey

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