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Hunt for Northumbria serial killer

Hunt for Northumbria serial killer
News report; Interview; Press conference
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4 Oct 1994
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Police in Northumbria are hunting a serial killer. The 3 teenage boys who were killed went to the same school in Sunderland. They had been strangled and their bodies burned. Police originally said the boys had set fire to themselves during glue-sniffing sessions. Report from Marcus Rate includes head of Northumbria CID, Barry Stewart, speaking at a press conference earlier this year, some time later, and in a more recent interview; John Hanson, father of victim David Hanson at a press conference. (Steven Grieveson was convicted in February 1996 for the murders).
Barry Stewart; Marcus Rate; John Hanson
Crime; Police; Homicide; Children (age group); Policing practice; Thomas Kelly; Sunderland; Criminal investigation; David Hanson; David Grieff; Northumbria

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