Social Democratic Party launches

Social Democratic Party launches
Press conference
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26 Mar 1981
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On the launch of the Social Democratic Party (SDP), press spokesman John Little(?) presents a press conference with its founders Roy Jenkins, Shirley Williams, Dr David Owen and William (Bill) Rodgers (almost all SDP MPs also present). The leaders give brief statements then answer questions from the press including Christopher Wharton(?), Daily Express, Robert Coavel(?), News Standard; Julian Havilland; Victor Night(?); Bonnie Angelo, Time Magazine; Peter Kellman(?), New Statesman; David Walter, ITN; Mike Hatfield(?), The Times.
William Rodgers; Shirley Williams; Roy Jenkins; David Owen; Bonnie Angelo; John Little; Julian Havilland; Robert Coavell(?); Victor Night(?); Peter Kellman(?); Mike Hatfield(?); David Walter; Christopher Wharton(?)
Elections; Politics; Social conflicts; Internal politics; Labour Party; Northern Ireland; Education; UK; Political manifestos; Socialism; Political parties; Incomes policy; Electoral reform; Economic policy; Members of Parliament; Political reform; Private schools; Political allegiance; Economic systems; Social policy; Nuclear disarmament; NATO; Social systems; Defence policy; Europe; Party politics; SDP; Politicians; Policy making; Addresses (speeches); Social class; Social structure; Membership; Policy delivery; Socialist International; Subscriptions

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