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25th anniversary of British troops in Northern Ireland

25th anniversary of British troops in Northern Ireland
News report; Interview; Press conference
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14 Aug 1994
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Special report by Declan Curry on the events since 1969, on the twenty-fifth anniversary of British troops being sent to Northern Ireland initially to quell riots in Derry. Includes: archive report of the Derry riots by Michael Nicholson (ITN); archive female (not identified) eyewitness account of a home counties pub bombing in 1974; archive interview with Rev Kevin Heggerty on the INLA bombing of the Droppin Well pub in Ballykelly (15/12/82); press interview with Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher following the Brighton bombing (12/10/84) (one of the interviewers is John Cole, BBC); interview with Mike Rundle(?), eyewitness to Warrington bombing (20/03/93); recording of aftermath of bombing at Enniskillen Remembrance Day service (08/11/87).
Margaret Thatcher; BBC; ITN; John Cole; Michael Nicholson; Declan Curry; Kevin Heggerty; Mike Rundle(?)
Internal politics; Armed forces; Northern Ireland; Terrorism; UK; IRA; INLA; Riots; Derry; Warrington; Army; Bombs; Enniskillen; Anniversaries; Ballykelly

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