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Ronald Reagan speech to Irish Parliament

Ronald Reagan speech to Irish Parliament
Speech; Technical
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4 Jun 1984
Year of production
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US President Ronald Reagan addresses a Joint Session of the National Parliament of Ireland in Dublin where he expresses hopes for a lasting peace in the country. Starts with sound tests including in French and German followed by background noise. An unnamed man leads a prayer and introduces the President in Gaelic and also responds to the President’s speech and concludes. Ends with background noise of people talking. Audio level varies.
Further information
Ronald Reagan; International television sound circuit
USA; Nicaragua; Peace; Internal politics; Northern Ireland; Terrorism; Ireland; UK; USSR; International relations; El Salvador; Propaganda; Political systems; UN; Employment; Charities; Mass media; Weapons; Investment; Nuclear weapons; Arms control; History; Foreign policy; Peacebuilding; Asia; Family; Irish (cultural identity); Access to information; Democracy; Bombs; Freedom; Disarmament; Totalitarianism; Chemical weapons; Harrods; Latin America; Economic and social development; Genealogy; Economic cooperation; Irish Gaelic; The Blarney Stone

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