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Labour Party NEC discusses defence policy

Labour Party NEC discusses defence policy
News report; Interview
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8 May 1989
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Labour’s ruling National Executive has been meeting for the last 5 hours, discussing its most dramatic ever change in direction, designed to put the party back on the road to government. Over the next 2 days the committee is expected to endorse a series of policy review documents, despite opposition from the Left. The most contentious issue involves the abandonment of unilateral nuclear defence in favour of a negotiated reduction in arms. From Transport House, Paul Rowley reports. With words from Labour Leader, Neil Kinnock; Deputy Labour Leader, Roy Hattersley; Tony Benn MP; David Blunkett MP; John Evans; NEC Chairman, Dennis Skinner.
Roy Hattersley; Tony Benn; Neil Kinnock; John Evans; Paul Rowley; David Blunkett
Elections; Government; Labour Party; Defence; Nuclear weapons; Unilateral disarmament; Policy making; Disarmament

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