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20 Mar 1985
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Chechua Conje(?) presents Perspective, which analyses issues of international concern. This edition, Sharpeville: A Turning Point in the History of South Africa, looks at the Sharpeville Massacre 25 years ago and its effect on international pressure to end apartheid. Speaking are Tanzanian Ambassador to the UN, Paul Rupia(?); Greater London Council Chairman, Harvey Hinds; African National Congress director of international affairs Johnstone Mfanafuthi Makatini; UN Special Committee against Apartheid Chairman, Joseph Garba; Chairman of the Subcommittee on the Implementation of UN Resolutions, James Beho, Ghana; Director, World Campaign Against Military and Nuclear Collaboration with South Africa, Abdul Minty; UN ambassador Mohammed Farid Zarif of Afghanistan, on behalf of the Asian states. Produced by United Nations Radio. Female reporter not identified.
Abdul Minty; Harvey Hinds; United Nations Radio; Chechua Conje(?); Paul Rupia(?); Joseph Garba; James Beho; Johnstone Mfanafuthi Makatini
USA; Political demonstrations; South Africa; Apartheid; Violence; Arms sales; Demonstrations; Political systems; UN; Defence; Economic sanctions; Racial discrimination; Political reform; International politics; Policing practice; Weapons; Nuclear weapons; Racial segregation; Torture; Black African peoples; ANC; Political dissenters; Democratization; Anniversaries; P. W. Botha; Sharpeville; PAC

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