Monty at large

Monty at large
Interview; Documentary; Music
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17 Mar 1980
Year of production
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Monty at Large. Monty Modlyn visits Sotheby’s and Christie’s auction houses in London. The history, turnover, structure, policy, fakes, manuscripts and hallmarking are discussed. Includes stories of hidden treasures being found, and tips on how to get into the business and how to buy paintings. Modlyn interviews Stanley Clark, Director of Sotheby’s; Andrew Festing, an auctioneer; an unnamed male valuation desk visitor; Roy Davids, in charge of manuscripts. In Christie’s he interviews Fanny Nevill Ralph(?); Enrique Perez di Guchman(?), who plays an unknown piece by Gioachino Rossini on an upright piano; Jake Levoyer(?), an expert in musical instruments; Simon Dickinson(?), old masters paintings expert; Sam Whaley-Cohen, Assistant to the Deputy Chairman; Tim Schroder(?), silver department; Peter Arbuthnot, in charge of tribal art.
Monty Modlyn; Stanley Clark; Andrew Festing; Roy Davids; Fanny Nevill Ralph(?); Enrique Perez di Guchman(?); Jake Levoyer(?); Simon Dickinson(?); Sam Whaley-Cohen; Tim Schroder(?); Peter Arbuthnot
Books; London; Sotheby’s; Auctioneers; History; Paintings; Sales; Forgery; Fine arts; Hallmarking; Manuscripts; Christie’s; Musical instruments; Pianos; Silver; Samuel Baker; William Hodges

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