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Parliament debates prosection of Nazi war criminals

Parliament debates prosection of Nazi war criminals
News report; Parliamentary debate
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Peter Russell reports from Westminster for LBC Newstalk on the Parliamentary debate on the represented bill to allow Nazi war criminals living in the UK to be prosecuted 50 years on, following unearthing of a 1975 report detailing suspects, and fears they wouldn’t get a fair trial. With Commons speeches from: Home Secretary Kenneth Baker; shadow Home Secretary Roy Hattersley; former Prime Minister Ted Heath; lawyer and MP Ivor Stanbrook; David Winnick; Nicholas Fairbairn; Home Office minister John Patten. The bill was passed by the Commons.
Edward Heath; Roy Hattersley; Kenneth Baker; Nicholas Fairbairn; John Patten; Ivor Stanbrook; David Winnick; Peter Russell; LBC Newstalk
Parliamentary bills; Nazis; War crimes; Second World War (1939-1945); Genocide; Holocaust; Right to justice

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