IRA attack on 10 Downing Street - Full news report

IRA attack on 10 Downing Street - Full news report
News report; Interview; Press conference; Vox pop; News bulletin
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Report on the IRA mortar attack on 10 Downing Street. Includes initial LBC news flash, audio of sirens and an announcement made on a loud speaker that Whitehall and Westminster have been sealed off. Eyewitness accounts from scaffold worker Andy Strain(?), an unnamed male government worker and television technician Graham Everett. With statements from Police spokesman Stuart Goodwin, Police Inspector Stephen Benn and Education Secretary Kenneth Clarke, who takes questions from the press. The IRA has claimed responsibility and security in Whitehall - tightened since the start of the Gulf War - has been increased further. Male reporter not identified.
Kenneth Clarke; Stuart Goodwin; Graham Everett; Stephen Benn; Andy Strain(?)
London; Motor vehicles; Government; Terrorism; Police; UK; Great Britain; IRA; England; Security; Politicians; Bombs; Explosions; Cabinet (politics); Whitehall; Downing Street

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