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European Court of Human Rights

European Court of Human Rights
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This week, the European Court of Human Rights ruling on juvenile killers means that the Home Secretary acted unlawfully in jailing the murderers of James Bulger indefinitely. Lizzie Knight takes a closer look at the ECHR, and some of its controversial verdicts, including the Death on the Rock shootings in Gibraltar; police powers to hold suspects for up to 7 days; the Spycatcher book case; the Guinness affair. And cases in which the court has come down on the side of the Government, such as the one involving Harrod’s Fayed brothers. Contributions from Deputy Prime Minister Michael Heseltine; security expert Mike Dewar; former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher; former Editor of the Sunday Times Andrew Neil on rulings on freedom of the press; the Fayeds’ solicitor, Royston Webb.
Margaret Thatcher; Michael Heseltine; Andrew Neil; Lizzie Knight; Mike Dewar; Royston Webb
Books; Human rights; Companies; Government; Terrorism; UK; IRA; Homicide; Children (age group); Freedom of the press; Murderers; State security; European Court of Human Rights; Official Secrets Act; Sentencing; Harrods; James Bulger; Gibralter; Ernest Saunders; Mohamed Fayed; Ali Fayed; Guinness; Spycatcher

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