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Ethics debate over using unborn babies eggs

Ethics debate over using unborn babies eggs
News report; Interview
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25 Mar 1994
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The Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority (HFEA) is consulting the public on feelings over the possibility of using eggs from foetuses in fertility treatment as the issue is to be voted on in the Criminal Justice Bill in the Commons. Comment from Dick Cowan, Portland Fertility Clinic; Ben Plumley, HFEA; developmental psychologist Susan Golenbock; Mike Macnamee, Bourn Hall Clinic, Cambridge. The birth of the first test tube baby Louise Brown in 1978 sparked massive ethical debate, then Labour MP Leo Abse archive clip discussing it. Report by Chris Chambers.
Leo Abse; Chris Chambers; Dick Cowan; Ben Plumley; Susan Golenbock; Mike Macnamee
Medical ethics; Artificial procreation; Public consultation; HFEA; Human Fertilization and Embryology Authority; Portland Fertility Clinic; Bourn Hall; Louise Brown

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