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LBC reports - unemployment crosses 3 million mark

LBC reports - unemployment crosses 3 million mark
News report; Interview; Press conference; Speech; News bulletin; Advertisement; Special; Jingle
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26 Jan 1982
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LBC Reports (12.00-12.30 pm), presented by Douglas Cameron and Peter Deeley, reviewing the latest news stories from at home and abroad. The main story is the release of the UK Government latest unemployment figures - now standing at over three million for the first time. Also includes reports on: rail strikes, US-Soviet peace talks in Geneva; sports review; the Polish crisis; protests about the British Gas oil terminal by Canvey Island residents in Essex; death of Mikhail Suslov, Soviet politician; criticism of the Italian Communist Party by Soviet news agency Pravda; US President Ronald Reagan’s handling of the economy and his State of the Union address; resignation of Justice Peter Mahon, author of report into the Air New Zealand air crash (1979). Speakers include: Employment Secretary, Norman Tebbit; Bernard Braine MP; Labour MP, Eric Varley; Doreen Hill, mother of Yorkshire Ripper victim, Jacqueline Hill; ASLEF leader Ray Buckton; Robert Muldoon, New Zealand Prime Minister. Reporters include: David Steemson, Robert Miller, Nick Peters, Andrew Manderstam, Douglas Cameron, Chris Shaw, Peter Deeley, John Perkins, Richard Robbins, Matthew Garrard, Colin Turner, Brian Hayes. Includes commercial break; weather; jingles; trailers; travel news. Sharp drop in volume after first 15 minutes and ends abruptly, mid-sentence.
John Perkins; Ray Buckton; Norman Tebbit; Eric Varley; Andrew Manderstam; Nick Peters; Chris Shaw; Richard Robbins; Douglas Cameron; Peter Deeley; Colin Turner; Essex Radio; Doreen Hill; David Steemson; Robert Miller; Matthew Garrard
USA; Trade unions; Government; New Zealand; Strikes; Labour disputes; Crime; Labour relations; Education; ASLEF; Conservative Party; USSR; Unemployment; Railway transport; International relations; Employment; Homicide; Protest movements; Peacekeeping; Unemployment statistics; East West relations

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