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Bulldozers move into Cambridge Park, Wanstead

Bulldozers move into Cambridge Park, Wanstead
News report; Interview
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16 Feb 1994
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David Kermode reports as bulldozers move in to demolish houses in Cambridge Park, Wanstead occupied by environmental protesters. The houses are to be knocked down to make way for the new M11 link road. John Hargrove, Deputy Sheriff’s Officer for London, says the operation has gone smoothly. Campaigners chained themselves to the houses and local people offered their support. Traffic officer Phil Grove(?) describes measures taken to minimise disruption for motorists. Chief Superintendent Stuart Giblin says police costs alone are fifteen thousand pounds per hour.
David Kermode; John Hargrove; Phil Grove(?); Stuart Giblin
London; UK; Political protests; Great Britain; Roads; Demonstrations; Motorways; England; Environmental conservation; Building construction; Demolitions; Wanstead; Evictions; Cambridge Park; M11

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