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Ronald Reagan on Libyan support for terrorism

Ronald Reagan on Libyan support for terrorism
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8 Jan 1986
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US President Ronald Reagan urges the world community to extract from Libyan President Colonel Gaddafi a high price for his support and encouragement of terrorism. Terrorists and those who harbour them should be denied sympathy, safe haven and support. Reagan has signed an executive order that imposes a total ban on direct export and import with Libya, other than for journalism or humanitarian reasons. He appeals to all American citizens to leave Libya immediately. Gaddafi deserves to be treated as a pariah in the world community. Italy’s Prime Minister, Bettino Craxi, has emphasised the necessity not only of coping with terrorists, but of identifying those states that guarantee terrorists protection and the possibility to arm and organise themselves to carry out their bloody raids.
Ronald Reagan
USA; Terrorism; Italy; Muammar al-Gaddafi; Libya; Economic activity; Bettino Craxi; State-sponsored terrorism

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