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Advertisement No.308 - nd [Nov/Dec 1985]

Advertisement No.308 - nd [Nov/Dec 1985]
Track 1- Righton x2 [1:32 sec]. Track 2- Phoenix Cycles [0:34 sec]. Track 3- Home Classics - 2 takes [0:46 sec]. Track 4- City Garage [0:39 sec]. Track 5- Property Centre [0:28 sec]. Track 6- Something Different [0:26 sec]. Track 7- Lunn Poly x2 [1:48 mins]. Track 8- Alpha Romeo/SJ Rossiter [0:40 sec]. Track 9- Allen Brothers [0:43 sec]. Track 10- Lindisfarne promo x4 [mixes/music beds];[5:28 mins]. Track 11- Keydell Nurseries Christmas trees [0:17 sec]. Track 12- Co-op Christmas x2 [2 takes on script 1];[1:50 mins]. Track 13- John Weeks Sports - 2 takes [0:34 sec]. Track 14- Allders Christmas - 3 takes [0:44 sec]. Track 15- Swan Garden Centre - 2 takes [0:56 sec]. Track 16- Martines Christmas - 2 takes [1:20 mins]. Track 17- Co-op Christmas x2 - remake [1:19 mins]. Track 18- Radio Victory Kids Christmas appeal [0:44 sec]. Track 19- Scats Christmas [0:38 sec]. [Box 12]
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The listing Sheets 6-15 of Box 12 are from tapes of advertisement, promo and programme trail compilations. There are more than 400 such tapes and only a sample has been digised, covering the years 1976-1986. There are cross-references throughout. Other advertisements have previously been digitised in Box 6 Sheet 9 and Box 7 Sheet 5. Tapes are semi-edited and the recordings seem to be overwrites. Some of the commercials are at 15 ips, and have a better quality. Some unedited atmosphere has been retained for research purposes. The CDs have been tracked per item with approximately 7 seconds between each track. Not all the commercials have been included on the CDs; those with repetitive subject matters. Most, however, have been digitised. Many voice-overs have evidently been recorded by Radio Victory presenters. There is documentation available, but it has not been provided here as it refers to the advertisers rather than to the tapes.
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