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Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.6: a series of tips on gardening - nd [1983]

Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.6: a series of tips on gardening - nd [1983]
DON’S DO’S AND DON’TS NO.6 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] A series of gardening tips, broadcast by Radio Victory, presented by DON JOHNSON. TRACK 1- In - I found our ... Pot plants - how to look after them during Christmas period. Out - ... spring. Cheerio. TRACK 2- In - With March ... Spring pruning of roses, feeding of roses with enriched plant foods. Out - ... next week. Cheerio. TRACK 3- In - We re coming up ... Seed potatoes, sowing carrots, parsnips, cabbage, sprouts, leeks and onions. Out - ... in September. Cheerio. TRACK 4- In - My diary gives ... Pruning raspberry canes, weedkillers for raspberry plot. Feeding plants for maximum growth. Out - ... next week. Cheerio. TRACK 5- In - If you haven’t ... Mowing the lawn, treating lawn for moss. Reseeding lawn, Out - ... reminding you. Cheerio. TRACK 6- In - Even if you’ve ... Hanging baskets and tubs - tuberous begonias, dahlias. Out - ... bright one too. Cheerio. TRACK 7- In - Well it’s here ... Planting seed potatoes and peas. Salad crops - lettuce, radishes, spring onions. Out - ... righteous glow. Cheerio. TRACK 8- In - If you re the kind ... Sowing hardy annuals - sweet peas, larkspur, nigella, godetia, alyssum. Out - ... this summer. Cheerio. TRACK 9- In - Between the 15th and 20th April ... Growing tomatoes. Cucumbers and peppers. Melons. Out - ... in itself. Cheerio. TRACK 10- In - The type of weedkiller ... Weedkillers for broad leaved weeds in the lawn. Lawn sand to kill weeds and moss. Out - ... to enjoy it. Cheerio. TRACK 11- In - The carrots ... Spring beetroot, courgette. Flowering perennials - peruvian lily. Out - ... for the house. Cheerio. TRACK 12- In - Probably the most ... Shrubs for screening - Leyland cypress. Out - ... a bit. Cheerio. TRACK 13- In - It looks as if ... Caring for bulbs after flowering. Repotting house plants. Out - ... herbaceous plants. Cheerio. TRACK 14- In - I always find ... Summer annuals for the border - alyssum, lobelia, ageratum, mesembryanthemums, busy lizzies, minulas, nemesia, dwarf french marigolds, asters, miohana. Out - ... favourite berry. Cheerio. TRACK 15- In - Many years ago ... Sowing chicory seed, runner beans. Out - ... property supports. Cheerio. TRACK 16- In - A month ago ... Planting cucumbers and peppers in growing bag in greenhouse. Spraying for whitefly. Out - ... next week. Cheerio. TRACK 17- In - This soggy, showery ... Insect pests in the spring - ants, woodlice, slugs, greenfly - suitable pesticides. Out - ... blossom around. Cheerio. TRACK 18- In - If you feel in a ... Pruning spring flowering shrubs and heathers. Out - ... next year. Cheerio. [Box 12]
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No date, but reference in track 4 to Christmas; in track 2 to the end of February; in subsequent tracks to spring and summer.
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Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Radio Victory
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Don Johnson

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