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Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.5: a series of tips on gardening - nd [1984]

Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.5: a series of tips on gardening - nd [1984]
DON’S DO’S AND DON’TS NO.5 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] A series of gardening tips, broadcast on Radio Victory, presented by DON JOHNSON. TRACK 1- In - It’s a month ago ... April sown vegetables - Lettuces, red cabbage, calabrese. Blackcurrant bushes. Out - ... retail market. Cheerio. TRACK 2-In - From reading the ... Growing herbs. Out -... bottled kinds. Cheerio. TRACK 3- In - If you have ... Greenhouse tomatoes - using growing bags. Out - ... Happy Easter. Cheerio. TRACK 4- In - When I first ... Cordon fruit trees. Out -... each other. Cheerio. TRACK 5- In - Browsing round the ... Sowing sweet peas, runner beans, melons. Out - ... first flowers. Cheerio. TRACK 6- In - Although they’re ... Crysanthemums. Out -... unheated greenhouse. Cheerio. TRACK 7- In -If you plan ... Growing outdoor tomatoes. Greenhouse cucumbers. Out - ... and a half. Cheerio. TRACK 8-In - Last month I ... Growing on greenhouse melons and pollenation. Controlling blackspot on roses. Out - ... be prevented. Cheerio. TRACK 9- In - I never fail ... Strawberries - protection from slugs, mould and birds. Cutting back and propagating aubretia. Out - ... garden path. Cheerio. TRACK 10- In - The ceanothus ... Ceanothus Planting out in garden hardier house plants. Out - enjoyed yours. Cheerio. TRACK 11- In - Planning to keep ... Sowing biennials and perennials for spring. Out - ... you’ve chosen. Cheerio. TRACK 12- In - When I used to ... Spraying to kill aphids. Roses on display at Royal National Rose Society at Chiswell Green near St Albans. Out - ... nice day. Cheerio. TRACK 13- In - If you’ve ever ... Removing weeds from gravel with weed killer. Using runners from strawberry plants to put in growing bags. Out -... next summer. Cheerio. TRACK 14- In - Some of our ... Propagating by layering. Destroying cabbage butterfly and other pests in brassicas. Dahlias. Out - ... beneath them. Cheerio. [Box 12]
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Misc. notes
3:50 mins, Track 83:52 mins, Track 9; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
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Don Johnson

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