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Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.4: a series of tips on gardening - nd [1983]

Don’s Do’s and Don’ts No.4: a series of tips on gardening - nd [1983]
DON’S DO’S AND DON’TS NO.4 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] A series of gardening tips, broadcast on Radio Victory, presented by DON JOHNSON. TRACK 1- In - If you re building ... Ceanothus Ridding lawn of daisies and other weeds. Out - ... keeps off. TRACK 2- In - The fastest selling ... Feverfew in treatment of migraine. Out - ... cheerio. TRACK 3- In - Raspberries ... Protecting raspberries crop. Destroying bindweed. Feeding raspberry canes. Out - ... worth it. Cheerio. TRACK 4- In - At the end ... Propagating strawberries. Cutting roses for flower vase, removing suckers, feeding roses and fungicides. Out - ... and ladybirds. Cheerio. TRACK 5- In - I don’t know ... Problems with hot weather - tomatoes, camelias. Out - ... flowering. Cheerio. TRACK 6- In - It’s holiday time ... Keeping pot plants watered during holidays. Cuttings from shrubs. Out - ... chalky soils. Cheerio. TRACK 7- In - If you weren’t ... Siberian wallflower. Philadelphus. Out - ... freely available. Cheerio. TRACK 8- In - Garden water sprinklers ... Water sprinklers. Nitrogen feed. Saving seeds from peas and beans. Out - ... of water. Cheerio. TRACK 9- In - The cane fruits ... Pruning loganberries, raspberries and blackberries. Digging vegetable plot. Spring cabbage. Out - ... a trial. Cheerio. TRACK 10- In - If you are looking ... Summer pruning of apple and pear trees. Hardy grape vines. Out -... about it. Cheerio. TRACK 11- In - Flowering bulbs ... Autumn flowering crocus. Cyclamen. Hyacinth bulbs for Christmas. Out - ... September morning. Cheerio. TRACK 12- In - If you’ve been able ... Sowing seeds for spring flowers [hardy annuals]. Put greaseband on fruit trees to prevent winter moth. Out - ... garden shop. Cheerio. TRACK 13- In - Whatever work ... Composting grass cuttings, prunings, etc - making compost heap. Cuttings from fuschias, geraniums and begonias in a rooting bag. Out - ... to preserve. Cheerio. TRACK 14- In - New strains ... Over wintering onion sets. Controlling leatherjackets. Out - ... the liquid. Cheerio. TRACK 15- In - I’m delighted ... Plants in strips. Winter flowing pansies and spring flowering plants. Some suitable for tubs. Preventing potato blight. Out - ... next year. Cheerio. TRACK 16- In - October in ... Planting wallflowers. Laying turves in the autumn. Disinfecting greenhouse. Out - ... later one. Cheerio. TRACK 17- In - I spent a day ... New products from Garden and Leisure Exhibition at Birmingham - ground anchor, diluted for liquid fertiliser. Blanching celery. Out - ... polythene tube. Cheerio. [Box 12]
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Track 17 - false start. Tracks 17 and 18 - A date is mentioned 14-10-1983.
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Gauge:-1/8 tape
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Radio Victory
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Don Johnson

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