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Down To Earth No.3: One of a series of Gardening programmes

Down To Earth No.3: One of a series of Gardening programmes
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4 Sep 1984 at 19:00
DOWN TO EARTH NO.3 [Series RADIO VICTORY ARCHIVE] One of a series of gardening programmes on Radio Victory called Down to Earth. Presented by DAVE CARSON. TRACK 1- In - Well a very good evening ... 1- PAT JOHNS [ICI Rep] Work to be done in the garden - tomatoes - ripening tomatoes by putting in the ripe apple or tomato - ripe fruit give off ethylene. Commercial use of etherol for ripening fruit. Making green compost by growing rape to supplement garden compost. Marrow growing - success depends mostly on moisture. Looking ahead to spring planting - time to get seed in. Best to use club root control for cabbage. Can spray for aphids on brassicas. Slugs a problem - use slug pellets. Use moss killer on lawn. Can reseed bare patches. Redthread - lawn disease - comes on ground lacking nitrogen - prevent disease by spraying Benlate. Out - ... in a couple of minutes. [Box 11]
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Left channel only: played on Revox PR99 mixing to both CD channels.
Misc. notes
Single Track; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Radio Victory
1 tape


Dave Carson
Pat Johns

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