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Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD71

Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD71
Transmission details
2 Apr 1989 at 18:00
The CDs from No. 54 to 74, are Sunday Supplements presented by Amanda Ware, single tracks. Either the tapes have been edited, or the programmes ran without commercial breaks. The transmission time is changed to 18:00-19:00. This is possibly part of re-scheduling following the revision of Ocean Sound on 4th Dec 1988. They are interview and music programmes. CD71- Interview with Peter Philips, international yachtsman and record breajer. Tape recorded in the USA. Amanda Ware is in Newport Road Island, United States of America talking with international yachtsman Peter Philips, who is actually preparing for his challenge for a world record, hopefully, next April, to bring the Atlantic power speed record for Great Britain for the first time. References about Dag Pike and Richard Branson in the conversation. He talks about the transatlantic races, and his life and career. See also AV35/SS/70/S1. [Box 11]
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Music at approx 6-9, 13-16, 23-27, 32-35, 54-57 mins.
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Single Track
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Ocean Sound
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Amanda Ware
Peter Philips

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