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Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD24

Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD24
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15 May 1988 at 16:00
SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: A series of programmes with interviews and music, transmitted from 16:00 to 17:00 on Ocean Sound North. The Light FM. Presented by Adam Harding and others where mentioned. CD24- Interview with John Wakeham MP, Leader of the House of Commons. Track 4 includes the outro. Adam Harding talks to John Wakeham, MP, a British Conservative Party politician. Baron Wakeham, born June 22, 1932 survived the Brighton hotel bombing in October 1984, but his wife Roberta was killed in this attack. He, himself, was trapped in the rubble for seven hours suffering serious crush injuries to his legs. Now, he is the Leader of the House of Commons as well as a second job, and he explains what this job means. He is also encharged to a new project to broadcast Parliament proceedings in the House of Commons on television. He talks about his life and his career. [Box 11]
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Track 1- Music at approx 5-8, 14-17 mins. Track 2- Music at approx 5-7, 11-13 mins. Track 3- Music at approx 4-6, 12-14 mins. Track 4- Music at approx 4-6 mins.
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Ocean Sound
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Adam Harding
John Wakeham

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