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Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD12

Sunday Supplement: interview and music programme - Ocean Sound - CD12
Transmission details
21 Feb 1988 at 16:00
SUNDAY SUPPLEMENT: A series of programmes with interviews and music, transmitted from 16:00 to 17:00 on Ocean Sound North. The Light FM. Presented by Adam Harding and others where mentioned. Most interviews were recorded on location - hence the tape atmosphere. CD12 - Interview with Mark Nicholas. Today we meet the man who has been called Albert, Basbie and McJay, Hampshire cricket captain, who has been known to score more than 100 feet run before lunch, has several superstitions, including making sure his kits and clothing fit. Born Mark Charles Jefford Nicholas on 29 September 1957 in Westminster, London, he talks about his life and his career. [Box 11]
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Track 1- Music at approx 5-7, 14-16 mins. Track 2- Music at approx 3-5, 12-15 mins. Track 3- Music at approx 5-7 mins. Track 4- Music approx 5-7, 10-13 mins. Track 5 is the outro, possibly a separate track for dubbing to cart for TX.
Production company
Ocean Sound
1 tape


Adam Harding
Mark Nicholas; Mark Charles Jefford Nicholas

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