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Ocean Sound This Week No.112: Programme 112 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.112: Programme 112 of a weekly news and sports review
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18 Dec 1988 at 20:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO.112 Programme 112 of a weekly news and sports review called OCEAN SOUND this week; broadcast by independent radio station OCEAN SOUND on 18th December 1988. Presented by PETE WARDMAN. 00:01-01:07 - INTRODUCTION. 01:88-07:07 - Report on the Clapham Rail Disaster. JOHN MCINTYRE has been to the scene of the crash and talked to witnesses. 07:14-11:00 - ROBIN MOORES, principal Environmental Officer in charge of the food team at Chichester City Council, talks to GUY HORNSBY about eggs and salmonella poisoning following public statements by EDWINA CURRIE. 11:10-16:15 - GUY HORNSBY reports on the return of HMS Ark Royal to Portsmouth after Outback 88, a 6 month exercise which took them around the world. He speaks to Commander HUGH RICKARD about the trip. 17:08-25:23 - STEVE CARO of the I.O.W. programme spent a night with the police force looking into drink/driving at Christmas and the measures being taken to counter it and eradicate the problem from the roads this xmas. 25:28-29:38 1988 has been a great year for athletics with the Olympic Games and drug-testing of competitors. TOM KNIGHT, author of the Sackville Illustrated Dictionary of Athletics, tells GUY HORNSBY what he feels about the greatness of todays athletes compared with those of yesteryear. 29:43-31:47 - This year Ocean Sound held a special competition for the design of Christmas cards by children. 10 year old HELEN BASFORD from Bitterne was named as the winner. CHERYL BUGGY talks about the competition. 32:45-40:47 - Review of this week’s news and sports presented by JOHN MCINTYRE. 41:48-48:31 - PETE WARDMAN talks to BOY GEORGE about his career as a pop singer. 48:37-53:04 - NETWORK CHART MUSIC SURVEY - NO.1 CLIFF RICHARD MISTLETOE and WINE. 53:26-55:27 - CLOSING ANNOUNCEMENT AND MUSIC. [Box 11]
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Track 1a- See also AV35/CJM/S1, AV769/454,651/S1 and AV1141/13/S1. Track 4- Music at 2-6, 7-11 mins.
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16:34 mins; Track 1; 1:00 min, Track 5; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Guy Hornsby; Pete Wardman; John McIntyre; Cheryl Buggy; Steve Caro
Pete Wardman
Robin Moores; Hugh Rickard; Tom Knight; Boy George

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