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Ocean Sound This Week No.107: Programme 107 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.107: Programme 107 of a weekly news and sports review
Transmission details
13 Nov 1988 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO.107 Programme 107 of a weekly news and sports review called OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK; broadcast by independent radio station OCEAN SOUND on 13th November 1988. Presented by GUY HORNSBY. 00:01-01:06 - INTRODUCTION. 01:17-04:45 - Ocean Sound report on Remembrance Sunday services at Portsmouth and Southampton and a comment on the meaning of Poppy day. 04:52-08:33 -EDDIE SHAH talks to GUY HORNSBY about the launch of a new tabloid newspaper The Post, and the preparations for the launch. 08:36-11:27 - The provision of a 5th channel for National TV. Media watcher MIKE CHANEY talks to KENNETH MCALLISTER about the expansion of TV and the threat to quality. 12:21-15:07 - Little Shop of Horrors, is being presented at the Kings Theatre, Southsea. LORRAINE CHASE stars and talks to JANE GORDON about the show. 15:14-17:36 - KEVIN KINGS talks to GEORGE MORGAN-HARRIS about the latest in Jaguar car luxury, while they are test driving the latest XJS convertible. 18:15-25:21 - Review of the week’s news and sports by ALISON HOLT. 26:00-29:39 - TONY SOPER talks to GUY HORNSBY about the problems of protecting birds and the 100 year anniversary of the RSPB. He also talks about his book: A passion for birds. 29:40-32:31 -Children’s parties are visiting Marwell Zoo during the half-term holiday. RICHARD NEWTON tells HOWARD HUGHES about the reasons for allowing children to handle the animals. 32:33-37:42 - KATE BUSH’s biographer, KERRY BUBEY, talks to GUY HORNSBY about KATE’s career and abilities. 38:15-41:22 - LOUISE PEARCE, beauty editor of Prima magazine, talks to KENNETH MCALLISTER about Winter skin care and the things we sould do to keep our skin in good condition. 41:24-46:06 - NAIM ATTALLAH has interviewed many women prior to producing his book called Women. He talks to GUY HORNSBY about his findings on the fairer sex. 46:08-49:22 - Network Chart Music Survey - No. 1 For the very first time, by Robin Beck. No closing announcement and music. [Box 11]
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Track 3- NB retake. Track 4- Music at 7 mins. Track 5- Music at 8-11 mins. No outro or programme trail.
Misc. notes
Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
Production company
Ocean Sound
1 tape


Guy Hornsby; Alison Holt; Kevin King; Howard Hughes; Kenneth McAllister; Jane Gordon
Guy Hornsby
Richard Newton; Lorraine Chase; Eddie Shah; Mike Chaney; George Morgan Harris; Tony Soper; Kerry Bubey; Louise Pearce; Naim Attallah

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