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The Battle for The Town Halls - CD1

The Battle for The Town Halls - CD1
Transmission details
7 May 1987 at 22:06
The Battle for The Town Halls - CD1. Local Elections 1987 - edits from the first two hours [22:06-23:43] of a 3-hour programme. Presented by Mark Flanagan and Gordon Edwards with reporters throughout the Ocean Sound area. Tape starts with the second hour of the programme and at 42 mins cuts to the first hour with forty minutes missing. The CD has been tracked in the correct sequence. Track 1- Transmitted from 22:06 to 22:16. Track 2- From 23:03 to 23:43. [Box 10]
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Track 1- Music at approx 5-7 mins. Track 2- Music at 11-14 mins; 16-18 mins; 35-38 mins. For references to the 1987 General Election see AV35/E87/1-5/S1 and AV35/E87R/1-3/S1.
Production company
Ocean Sound
1 tape


Mark Flanagan; Gordon Edwards

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