Ocean Sound This Week No.66: Programme 66 of a weekly news and sports review

Ocean Sound This Week No.66: Programme 66 of a weekly news and sports review
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31 Jan 1988 at 19:00
OCEAN SOUND THIS WEEK NO. 66 Programme 66 of a weekly news and sports review called Ocean Sound This Week, broadcast by independent radio station Ocean Sound on 31 January 1988. Presented by PETE WARDMAN. 00:01-01:10 - Introduction. 01:20-13:13 -Proposed Fawley B Power Station. An investigation by JEAN- PAUL HANSFORD of the greatest environmental threat ever to face the South of England, based on a half-hour documentary: To B or not to B. 13:22-17:55 - Murder of LINDA COOK at Merry Row in Portsmouth - the tracking down of her killer MICHAEL SHIRLEY - a report by ALISON HOLT. 18:49-31:35 - 200th Anniversary of founding of Australia. Co-presentation of afternoon Ocean Sound Show by DAVID TALBOT from Bendigo, Australia and GUY HORNSBY to be broadcast by satellite to Australia. Report to Australia by KEITH CHALKLEY. 32:34-39:55 - Review of week’s news and sport by KAREN WOODS. 41:09-47:30 - House purchase. Will the price boom on houses ever stop? Discussion between PENNY GOWER and WINDSOR HURD on the cost of housing and advice to house buyers. 47:40-50:20 - ADRIAN SCOTT on Nightlife in the early hours. Mr Roy proposes to Tracie, and her acceptance. 50:25-54:37 - Network Chart no 1 - Tiffany singing: I think we are alone now. 54:42-55:43 - Closing Announcement and music [slowed down]. [Box 10]
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Ocean Sound This Week, a Sunday evening [19:00-20:00] review of the past week’s programmes. Track 1- Fawley B see also AV/35/TBONTB/S1. Track 2- Music at 5-12 mins. Track 4- Music at 10-13 mins.
Misc. notes
1:00 min, rack 5, 0:30 sec, Track 6; Gauge:-1/8 inch tape
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Ocean Sound
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Guy Hornsby; Karen Woods; Alison Holt; Jean Paul Hansford; Penny Gower
Pete Wardman
Adrian Scott; David Talbot; Keith Chalkley; Windsor Hurd

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