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The Front Line: stories of the Emergency Services - nd [April 1989]

The Front Line: stories of the Emergency Services - nd [April 1989]
TRACK 1- One Kilohertz tone at front of tape. TRACK 2-Hampshire Fire Brigade - Suggested front anno:- Now for the first in a 5-part exclusive series for Ocean Sound, we join the Front Line. This week and next, we will be experiencing what it is like for those involved in the emergency services. We will join the Police in Winchester, the Ambulance service in Portsmouth, Solent Coastguard at Lee-on-Solent and the Emergency planners at West Sussex County Council. But today, we are with the Hampshire Fire Brigade. One of the busiest stations is number 54...St Mary’s in the heart of Southampton. Now, join Ocean Sound on the Front Line with Blue Watch. Back Anno:- Ocean Sound on the Front Line with Hampshire Fire Brigade. Tomorrow, at the same time, we join the county emergency planners in West Sussex. The series producer is Simon Vigar. TRACK 3- West Sussex County Council Emergency Planning Department - On the Front Line yesterday, we visited the Fire Brigade in Southampton... Today we join the County Emergency Planners in West Sussex: what happens if war breaks out? Who will run our lives? And how much of a chance do we stand of picking up the pieces? All these topics are dealt with by the planners. Also, we discover how the hurricane clear-up was masterminded from the centre. Now, join Ocean Sound on the Front Line, with the emergency planners, in a bunker deep beneath County Hall in Chichester. TRACK 4- Solent Coastguard - In the Front Line series, we have already experienced what it is like to be a Fireman or how one sets about planning for a disaster, but with the South oast, and particularly the Solent, being the busiest area of water in the country - how about the Coastguard? Now, join Ocean Sound on the Front Line with the Solent Coastguard at Lee-on-Solent. TRACK 5- Hampshire Ambulance Service - In the penultimate part of our Front Line series, Ocean Sound discovers how it feels to be an Ambulanceman. Often we only see Ambulance flashing past, to an accident, but now, join Ocean Sound on the Front Line with the Hampshire Ambulance service in Portsmouth. Tomorrow, we conclude our series with a visit to the Police station in Winchester, going on Foot patrol in the city centre, travelling around the villages, and patrolling the M3 with the Traffic Police. TRACK 6- Hampshire Police - Now, for the final part in our Front Line series, we join the Police in Winchester. What is it really like to be one of the boys [or girls] in Blue? On foot patrol in the city centre, on rural patrol in the villages and on motorway patrol, join Ocean Sound on the Front Line with Hampshire Police... and that is the end of the series. [Box 9]
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0:40 sec, rack 1
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Ocean Sound
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Simon Vigar
Simon Vigar

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