General Election 1987: news items and interviews - CD2

General Election 1987: news items and interviews - CD2
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11 Jun 1987
General Election 1987: news items and interviews. CD2. Track 1- Portsmouth South: David Martin, Conservative. Track 2- Portsmouth North: Peter Griffiths, Conservative. Track 3- Portsmouth South declaration. Track 4- Havant: Ian Lloyd, Conservative. Track 5- Havant: Gerald Fuller, Bread Party. Tracks 6 and 7- Havant: Libby Cleaver, SDP-Liberal Alliance. Track 8- Winchester: John Browne, Conservative. Track 9- Eastleigh: Sir David Price, Conservative. Track 10- Southampton Itchen: Chris Chope, Conservative. Track 11- Southampton Test: Alan Whitehead, Labour. Track 12- Isle of Wight declaration. Track 13- IOW: Barry Field, Conservative. Track 14- IOW: Michael Young, SDP- Liberal Alliance. [Box 9]
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Many of these clips are included on AV35/E87R/1 and 3. Tracks 4,5,6,7 - left channel only. Track 11- abrupt end.
Misc. notes
14 Tracks; 1:00 min, Track 1; 0:15 sec; Track 5
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Ocean Sound
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